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Mr. Davis is presenting the new HR Policies to their employees in a meeting room. He wish to know, Are they satisfied with the new policy? – Yes or No. Jenny is invited for John’s birthday party. She wants to confirm, Who all are going for the party tonight? – Going, Not Going, May be. A company has launched a new product recently. They want customers feedback on it, Did you like our new product? – Yes, No, Not tried yet.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get answers to such simple questions through your mobile instantly? That would save a lot of your time and efforts.

The mobile application named Create Poll can help you doing so. It is a simple yet interesting mobile app available for iPhone and Android. In just few simple steps, you can create a poll on any topic, be it personal, professional, political, etc. Once your poll is successfully submitted, you can view your Poll ID, which is individually assigned to each poll. Take a note of your Poll ID and share amongst friends, family, relatives, etc. so that it is easy for them to search a poll and vote. Any of the poll can be easily found in bunch of million polls with its ID. The results are so instantly updated and looks amazing in graphical form. Also, very easy to analyze the results of any poll. And yes, you can share your poll on facebook also.

So you get it how instant it is to know feedback, view or opinion on any of your question with Create Poll. Be it a coffee shop, a boardroom, classroom or club, Create Poll helps you create polls instantly and receive feedback instantly irrespective of mobile devices you use, iPhone or Android since it is a Hybrid app. A hybrid app allows native execution i.e. you can create poll from any of the supported devices – iPhone or Android, answer from any, and view the results.

The App is available on iPhone and Android. It is absolutely free to vote and view results, only to create any question, the charge is US $1.99.

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