Location Based Mobile Apps can prove to be killer Apps for your Business. How?

In a recent research by e marketers there are about 31% of smart phone users among the total number of mobile users and this percentage is going to increase to 43% in 2015 that leads to a vast penetration in the usage of mobile apps (This fact can be supported by the prediction done by IDC that global downloads will reach 76.9 billion in 2014 and will be worth US$ 35 billion).

There are some popular applications in the market that let us know about offers and discounts in the local businesses. Applications like Yelp, Groupon, Foursquare, Starbucks etc. are some of the hottest applications which are location based.

For increasing the sales in your business, presence in mobility has become a need of the day. Imagine if a visitor foreign to your city wants to buy something or avail services that you provide, for him the LBS applications will prove to be real handy. He would be able to contact and visit you, he will be able to rate and write a review for the application. Making your presence in mobility would prove to be a major marketing and advertising step for your business.


How location based app will help?

If I take an example of YELP, as it comes under the most downloaded application in its category. This app senses your location and provides you the categories of local business present nearby, choosing a category like restaurants will show the list of restaurants with their timings, contact details, ratings, reviews, address and also provides a map for reaching to that location. Here you can see how effortlessly the smart phone user will get to know about your business.

How it helps local businesses?

From the above stated example you can imagine, How Easy and efficient it is for local businesses to have a better sales everyday through location based mobile applications.

Business having its own mobile application can add stars to their business if managed properly. Taking example of Starbucks Coffee, this business has numerous outlets all over USA and other countries. Starbucks application will show its outlets nearby and also the menu for coffee, tea and food available in the outlet. This application helps the customers to easily locate the Starbucks outlet. Through this application Starbucks lovers will not have to compromise with any other coffee brands and outlets. This will definitely help the Starbucks to retain its customers and making business through them.

A conclusion can be made through all the discussion above that the location based applications would definitely add up credits and ratings to the local businesses. This will help business owners to earn more, make business and retain their customers. Therefore, to have presence on Location Based System Mobile Application would be a major and smart decision towards success.

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