Building Cross Platform Applications is now easy with Xamarin

How about developing cross platform apps without the hassle of writing each platform’s Native Code? Sounds interesting..!! But is it possible?? The answer is YES. With Xamarin, it is possible to write the code in one language and sharing it on various platforms.

Xamarin, An Overview:

It rarely happens that being a developer you have to develop a mobile application only for a single platform. In today’s scenario clients are demanding an application to be developed on multiple platforms, so that they can target more users. Now it becomes a hassle as well as time consuming for mobile app developers to write code on each platforms native language. But, with the emergence of XAMARIN, developers are now happy and hassle free of writing so much code.

Xamarin is a set of tools for Cross Platform Development. With Xamarin a developer can write all the code in one common language C# using one framework that is Dot Net. Isn’t that amazing? Developers can not only write one common code but can also enjoy Native experience on each platform and can directly access the respective platform SDK, UI and other capabilities as well. Xamarin lets you build Applications for iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows using C#. Current statistics reveal that most of the mobile app development companies are already using Xamarin and have created gorgeous Apps. So, even a dot net developer can write code in C# and then compile into native code on various platforms using Xamarin frameworks like Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin Visual Studio, etc.

Xamarin Products:

Xamarin offers a set of subscriptions, tools and services collectively called Xamarin Products, to create amazing Applications. Let us have a look at the Products of Xamarin that has made the life of developers easy:

Xamarin.iOS (Mono Touch) – Makes iPhone and iPad apps development easy than ever before. Using Mono touch developers can fully utilize the power of C# and dot net by writing the code with features like LINQ, Lambdas, and much more. They can share the code amongst Android, iOS and Windows. Xamarin.iOS lessens developers burden by allowing them to use the existing code while porting from iOS to Android. Most wonderful feature of Xamarin.iOS is that it is updated no soon as the Apple releases its new platform.

Xamarin.Android (Mono for Android): Makes Android app development easy than ever before. Use your existing code while porting from Android to iOS. Xamarin.Android makes the installation part easy as compared to Android SDK installation. Developers just have to unwrap the features of Mono for Android and they are ready to use. With auto completion feature of Mono for Android developers may explore the APIs as they type.

Xamarin.Mac: Xamarin.Mac helps developers to quickly develop and deploy Mac Apps in C#. Through code sharing and re-use of existing .NET libraries, Xamarin.Mac support developers to take advantage of the Mac App Store opportunity in record time.

Xamarin Studio : Makes it easy for developers to create C# applications for:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows

Xamarin Studio helps quick code completion by explore the expansive landscape of iOS, Android and OS X APIs, simply by typing. With Xamarin.Studio even a non designer can build wonderful UI’s as it includes the best Android UI builder. Track the app bugs with the power of Xamarin.Studio debugger. Take the advantage of Smart Syntax Highlighting feature and make your code look beautiful. Want to write the code for iOS and Android Apps in Visual Studio? Xamarin.Studio allows you to do this very well.

Xamarin Cross Platform Development Advantages:

  • Developer can target Multiple devices with platforms including android, iOS, windows.
  • Access to Native API’s of iOS and Android
  • Easily share the code between iOS, Android and Windows Phone
  • Rich IDE support
  • Reuse the existing code with familiar libraries

So, Xamarin makes Mobile apps easy for you. Take off your mobile app development speed with Xamarin and deliver high quality solutions to your clients.

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