iOS7 – A Good Reason to Look Forward to this fall


Once again this fall(autumn) apple users will be looking forward for iOS 7 software update, though, it is already released for developers for updating their apps according to the new changes.

So, what can we expect in this new iOS package? Well, with its all new design, some enhanced features and some newly added features, a good response can be anticipated from users when they upgrade their iOS devices to iOS 7 (this iOS 7 update would be released for iphone and ipad).

Apple has made some major changes in its design to make the interface more user friendly, lively and looks good on the hardware. The skeumorphic design of Apple is going to be a history now though it would be missed, new design for the new iOS7 is simple, minimalist and layered, and would be able to charm the users. Messages, Siri, Notifications, Calender, Camera, Weather, World Clock, Maps, Music, App Store, and almost everything that you see in your iPhone today will look different when your iPhone is updated with iOS7.

Talking about newly added features in iOS7, these features include fingerprint sensing and auto-updates, your iPhone will take a note about time at which you check any application and accordingly the apps will be updated automatically, now the user wont have to wait for updates when he opens an app. Some more of the features are briefly explained here.

Air Drop: Sharing media through email and text can take time while sharing with someone sitting next to you. Air Drop would solve this problem as the media can be shared easily through Air Drop via wifi and Bluetooth.

I-Tunes Radio: Online streaming radios will be there on this radio and the more you listen the more it becomes personalized. Music lovers are going to love it.

Siri: Siri now comes with female and male voices, more search options, call returning features, iTunes radio control and more.

App Store: Now the app store would also concentrate on the apps near to you. App store will have an option for nearby apps, which would list out the apps according to the user’s location.

Control Center: The user only have to swipe up from any screen even the lock screen to see the control center, this would allow the user to switch on airplane mode, use camera, open voice recorder, use calculator, see time, set alarm etc. the user can control all this with just one swipe.

iOS In the car: iOS7 in the car is a new feature which would allow your phone to connect with your car’s dashboard (iOS equipped cars) and this would allow you to use your phone through the car’s dashboard. This feature can be expected next year in the cars.

These features stated above are newly added features but there are more new features added to the existing apps, like notification center shows you your day plan for today. Camera comes with different filters for photo editing, Safari has a different look etc. The whole iOS7 bundle with many new exciting features and design can be talk of the town for coming few months after its release among the users.

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