Enjoy the fun of Playing Indian Card Game Badam Satti on iPhone and Android

I am sure you must have played the Card Game “Badam Satti” or Satti Center in your leisure time. Most of the Indians must be familiar with this card game. For those who are not, it is a Card Game which is prevalent as Satti Center . It is a fun and engrossing game that is played in most of the Indian Families. Some people also know it as “7 of Hearts”. It is originated from the Russian Game “Durak”. Badam Satti is preferred the most amongst Indians because it is more of a fun game rather than a Gambling Card Game and can be played with people of all age group.

Card Game App Badam Satti on iphone, iPad and Android Tab

Now since this is an era of smartphones so we thought of developing a Mobile app of this famous card game, so that you can play it anywhere from your device. The app is built for iPhone , iPad and Android and is at present launched with Single player version. The game requires a regular deck of 52 cards and starts by distributing the cards amongst the players. The player with 7 of Hearts starts the game. next player would play either 8 of hearts or 6 of hearts or 7 of any other suit (Spade Diamond or Club), if the player does not have any of these cards, he would be able to pass the turn. Scoring will be done by adding the points of the cards left with players. The one left with least card points will be the winner of the that Game Round.

Badam Satti can be played in offline mode. CDN designers have beautifully designed the game screens and our developers have shown their skills in developing the App on iPhone and Android using tools, frameworks, SDK’s and Languages like X-code, QuartzCore, CFNetwork, StoreKit, CoreGraphics.framework. Foundation.framework, Objective C, iOS SDK, Eclipse Tool, android SDK, Google analytics SDK and JAVA .

So, try this fun and engrossing Indian Card Game on your smartphone devices. Download it free from iTunes and Google Play and watch its demo on Youtube.

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