The Classic Indian Card Game Badam Satti or 7 of Hearts in now available on iPhone and Android. With great graphics and smooth functioning its all free..!!

Who doesn’t love a good game of Satti Center or Badam Satti? Badam Satti, or 7 of hearts is the classic card game we all grew up playing with family, friends and relatives. Undoubtedly Badam Satti is the most popular Card Game amongst all the Indians . It would hardly be a trope to say that every Indian who plays cards knows this game. In India it is more famous with the name of “Satti Center”. It has been a popular time pass game for all the generations and mostly played in Summer Vacations :)

Card Game App Badam Satti on iphone, iPad and Android Tab

We have stayed true to the spirit of the classic Badam Satti, and carefully designed and developed the App “Badam Satti”, braided into the classic feel that every Indian would Love. And it’s natural that it would be successful because of the game popularity. Well it’s just as much fun as ever, except now you can play it on the go from your favorite device. The app is doing excellent with great and sharp graphics, smooth functioning, easy to read cards, and good animation. If you are new to the game, you can easily learn to play with its help guide feature. It imitate real-life play by allowing you to play against three opponents, that would be played by the device. You simply have to download the game from respective stores, click on the single player version and start playing the game. Multi Player Version will be launched soon.

Just to brief, in this gaming app the cards are played out to form a layout of sequences going up and down in suit from the sevens (Satti). The game starts with the player having 7 of hearts (Laal Paan ki Satti). Next player would play either 8 of hearts or 6 of hearts or 7 of any other suit (Spade Diamond or Club). If the player does not have any of these cards, he would be able to pass the turn. Players are required to play the Cards in sequence. You have to play your turn in a given time limit or the turn will be played by the app itself. In the end, winner is the one left with no cards.

Just follow these rules of the Game and enjoy the game to the fullest:

  • Player having 7 of Hearts will start the game.
  • You can play the cards which comes next in the sequence of the cards played, or can play the 7 of any suit (Spade,Diamond or Club). You can pass in absence of any playable cards. Here you will have a limited time for playing your turn, or your turn will be played by the app.
  • You can pass only when you do not have any playable cards.
  • After the game ends of the app will count the card points and the winner would be announced (Ace- 1 point, 2- 2 Points, 3- 3 Points,………..Jack- 11Points, Queen- 12 Points and King- 13 Points), Player having least card count would be The Winner.

In all Badam Satti is a premier app on the App Store and Google play and, best of all, it is free. If you fancy a break from other card games, and if you have been waiting for a killer 7 of hearts game for your iPhone, iPad and android tab, then Badam Satti is an interesting alternative.

Download Badam Satti today!


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