Badam Satti, our Indian card game mobile app, is experiencing good number of downloads in iTunes and Google play

We are glad to share the success rate of our Indian Card game App, Badam Satti. Very few of the mobile gaming apps makes their presence prominent in iTunes and Google play and Badam Satti is fortunately one of them. Be it the single player version on Android or multi player on iPhone, it seems that people are enjoying to the fullest. Audience of all age groups are downloading (its Absolutely FREE..!) the app and those who have played it can’t stop themselves from posting a positive review and rating. At present its rating is 3.86. Thank You for liking and downloading our app and making it affluent.

Indian card game app- Badam Satti

For the lovers of Badam Satti their is much more to come. Our Mobile app developers are working on the web version of this remarkable card game application, and there is another version that is coming where the opponent play smarter. So, it will be more fun to beat the competitor.

For those who are new to Badam Satti, it is a fun card game also known as 7 of hearts or satti center. Where winner is the one with least card points. Aim of the game is to finish one’s cards before the opponents does. Game starts with 7 of hearts and player left with least card points is the “winner” at the end of the game. You can download this Indian card game app free from iTunes and Google Play and can also watch its Video. So, if you happen to download and like our app Badam Satti, we would be greatful to have your opinion for it.

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