Surveys and polling Now Made Easy With SaaS Based Polling Application

Want to conduct a survey to engage your audience but afraid of the hassle involved in this? Why not conduct your survey in a revolutionize way this time? How..? By conducting polls via a mobile app. For this we have designed and developed a survey app known as “Vista Voting” for iPhone and Android, making things easy for your business or entity. With this Voting app you can provide ease to your audience, voting from anywhere and anytime, on the go.

Polling mobile app?

Surveying stands for sampling or collection of opinions on a subject, taken from either a selected or a random group of persons, as for the purpose of analysis. So the basic objective of this survey application is to create Surveys and to collect opinion of people for the same. The most crucial attribute of the system is the large user database of the system. As each Survey of every organization would be running on the same application so there would be large number of users on the system which simultaneously would be providing the platform to various companies for marketing thus reducing the advertisement cost. Here, in this application, any person can ask admin to create a single Survey or to take a subscription to generate poles for set time duration.

Our mobile app developers have used Titanium SDK 3.4 and Titanium Studio 3.4 in this app. It is based on Saas (Software as a Service) model and is available for both iOS and Android 2.3.3 or higher versions. So, if you want to get the opinions of your employees or your audience, then Survey App will prove to be of great help to you. To create the survey through this app you have to register and upload the question.

Vista Voting app is useful in corporate meetings, classrooms, taking consumer opinion, engaging audience and many more . You can collect customers’ opinions, feedback and get analyzed data through this app. Before creating a question you have to set the date range, means voting time of your poll and you can create a survey in minutes.

Let have a look at some salient features of SaaS based Polling app:

  • Create a list of people from whom you want to get opinion
  • Different views of results like tabular, pie chart, bar chart.
  • You can share the result with users.
  • Check the record of all polls conducted by you.
  • You can conduct both public and private survey
  • Filter polls by most discussed polls, date-wise, completed, running
  • Customize the colors and logo of the app.
  • Social media connectivity.
  • Check real time status of the running polls and questions.

So, isn’t it a unique concept?. It can be used in companies, organizations, universities, schools. Government also can take public opinion through this app. Do you like this idea and this app? Want to develop this kind of app or customized app? Then just send us your requirements and we will contact you soon.

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