Taxi finding made easy with app using GPS + real time tracking

Whole day tired doing shopping and now waiting for a taxi or a bus. But wait…the next bus is after 20 mins and taxi..hmm…can not find any..!! This was the scenario when there were no Taxi apps. Taxi apps have progressively become an add-on in the list of mobile apps in smart-phones. Just a few taps on your smartphone and the taxi is at your service. Taxi app is not only good for the passenger as he gets the taxi at his door, but for the taxi driver as well, as he do not have to waste time in looking for a fare.

CDN mobile solutions with 9 years of experience in mobile app development, has recently developed a taxi app for a renowned company in UAE, solving the chaos in finding taxis. This taxi app is available in android and is free to download. The passenger can simply enter the app and register for free or may also login using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

taxi finding mobile app

Let’s have a closer look at some of the top features of Taxi app developed by CDN Mobile Solutions:

  • Search taxis available in your vicinity using the built in GPS. The Client/Passenger uses the app to find a taxi in their current range using the Google Map (GPS) inside the app, and once they find results he/she can select a taxi from the map and order it to come at their location.
  • Once they order, the GPS Location will be taken directly and automatically sent to Admin, and to the selected Driver as a new request.
  • Passenger can actually see the model no of the taxi searched along-with the name, photo and contact details of the driver. It is a safe point for passengers.
  • You can also book a taxi for your friends or family members through this app.
  • You can check the actual fare between different locations.
  • You can call the driver if you need to change the route or time.

Now see how we has made taxi booking a matter of few taps and minutes:

  • Log in into app. If you haven’t any account, then you can just login with Facebook or Twitter.
  • Search nearest taxi using GPS function. The results will show on the map.
  • Select nearest taxi; to get a taxi at your door with details like taxi model number, driver name, driver photo, contact number and availability.
  • Driver accepts your request.
  • Once the driver accepts the booking request you can able to track the taxi position on map with real time tracking.
  • Get notification when taxi reaches at your door.

Since the advent of taxi apps in the market we are getting lot number of such requirements and thus have become a master in developing taxi finding apps for various platforms. So, if you are a taxi service provider and interested to develop this type of app to be the best taxi service provider in the city then you can contact us. We will be glad to help you.

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