iOS 9 – Features & Release Date

Apple is again ready to fire the market. Apple announced the new version of the most popular operating system of the world iOS mobile operating system. Soon, Apple is going to launch ninth version of iOS that is called iOS 9. It is an improved and modified version of its predecessor iOS 8, with lot of new features and new apps. We are only a few months away from the release of iOS 9. Apple announced iOS 9 in company’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC).

iOS 9 launch & features

According to Apple Inc. public beta of iOS 9 will be available in July and its full version is expected in September 2015. Here, we will discuss some major features which will be available in iOS 9:

  • Improved Maps App:
  • In the Maps app;Apple added more cities like Toronto, Berlin, London, Los Angeles, Paris, New York City, Mexico City, Baltimore, Washington D.C. and many more. In the improved maps app in iOS9 users can get recommendations to points of interest, shopping stores, hotels, restaurants etc., based on the user’s interest. Amazing…!!

  • News App:
  • Apple includes News App in iOS 9, which includes news from some great sources, for example, CNN, New York Times, ESPN and Wired. Apple will create a news format to create rich and dynamic articles for iOS users. Nice concept by Apple.

  • Enhanced Multitasking:
  • Apple has enhanced the multitasking experience in iOS 9 to improve the productivity. Some new features like Split View and Slide Over are included in the new iOS 9. With the help of Split View feature users can use two apps at the same time. While with the help of Slide Over the users can pull a second app with the swipe from the right edge of the display. This feature allows users to perform quick tasks and then close the app. But, these two features only support iPad Air 2.

  • Multiple Updates in Notes App:
  • Now you will be able to draw a straight line in iOS 9 with the help of ruler. Yes, Apple has enhanced multiple features in Notes App like including a ruler to draw a straight line, add images easily, visual appearance, etc. All the attachments like locations, link, images, audio and documents, all files can be viewed in a single view in the list of Notes App. Some formatting options are also included like bullet, number, dash, check. Users are allowed to use them easily in Notes App in iOS 9.

  • Proactive Siri:
  • The main feature of iOS 9 is advanced Siri and Search. Siri will be smarter in iOS 9 as compared to its previous versions as well the ‘Spotlight’ feature will be known as ‘Search’ in iOS 9. Let’s take an example of improved Siri. If you are doing shopping in Safari at your office and suddenly you remember an urgent work, then you can say “Remind me about the shopping when I get house.” Siri will fulfill your wish and set a reminder for you by tracking the geo location and remind you with the attached link of the current page. In iOS 9 Siri will automatically add events into calendar if it finds details in messages or mail. There are also more improvements in Siri. Apple really works hard on this concept.

    There are tons of other little cool improvements apart from the above features like improvement in Keyboard, improved performance and security, recommend travel time for your calendar event, more touch accessibility options and better battery life. But these are the major features of iOS 9.

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