Travel worry Free With Accident Insurance Mobile Apps

Let’s take a scenario. You love traveling and exploring places, and during your tour you met with an accident or caught in a bad health situation. Now what will you do to overcome such kind of emergency? From where can you get instant help? Here comes into existence health insurance mobile app. If you have an insurance app installed in your smartphone, you can easily get a doctor and other medical facilities. Accepting the importance of insurance apps, many insurance companies are heading towards getting their own mobile app.

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We at CDN Mobile Solutions got the opportunity to design and develop an Accident insurance app for Australia’s largest and best accident and health underwriters, Accident & Health International (AHI). The app gives access to critical emergency information whilst you are traveling, be it in Australia or overseas. The App has been designed to make it a simple task to contact AHI Emergency Assistance Center and in turn get you to a hospital, doctor, dentist, embassy and more. The App includes a currency converter, language translator, mapping as well as information on countries you intend to visit, including travel alert warnings provided dynamically from the Australian Government.

The app is developed for iOS and Android with tools and technologies like X-Code 6.1, Instruments, GPS, GPRS, Language Translator, Currency Convertor, MapKit, Core Location, UI Kit, Social, Eclipse, Google Map, Location Manager, Social etc.

Moving on to the features of this app, lets find them listed below:

  • Find a doctor or other health care facilities
  • Apply for a claim and insurance policy
  • Pay insurance premium and check payment history
  • Review deductibles, account balances and claims
  • View, print and mail ID cards for entire family
  • View the prescriptions
  • Get the receipts and submit necessary bills and documents for the claim
  • Check the status of your claim
  • Find and compare the actual cost of medicines
  • Find nearest pharmacy store using GPS
  • Search for doctors as their specialty like surgeons, dentists etc.
  • Currency convertor
  • Get health and diet plan updates
  • Get notification to renew the policy
  • Language translator
  • Get information of countries which you intend to visit and travel alert

So, if you are a Health Insurance company and want to give your customers an ease of using your company services, then its time to get your app developed. Since we have a good experience in developing health insurance apps, we can prove to be a fruitful mobile app development partner to you. Get in touch with us and we will help you to plan, design and develop YOUR health insurance mobile app.

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