Now Your Customers Can Book A Hotel In Last Minute

Do you own a hospitality business? Do you own a hotel? Then, this article is for you. I am sure you are competing with a lot of competitors and you want to beat them. Now, the question is how will you beat your competitors? The answer is do something different. But what will you do to beat them. You should make your services easy for your customers. So that customers can access your services easily, simply and from anywhere. This all is possible through mobile app. Yes, you can develop a hotel booking mobile app for your customers.

Hotel Booking App

CDN Mobile Solutions have provided the same solution to a popular hotel of Amsterdam. Many hotel owners are taking interest to develop a hotel booking mobile app so why don’t you? It is a great way to engage your customers, and generate maximum ROI. It also increases the number of your regular customers and add new customers in your list.

The skilled and dedicated mobile app developers delivered the solution to the renowned hotel of Amsterdam. Our developer used Objective C, Mac OS 10.5.6, Xcode 3.2 to develop this app for iPhone users. It is available for iOS devices 3.0v or higher.

To develop an app to book a room in the hotel is a good strategy to beat your competitors because it makes easy and simple for your customers to reach at you. It is also an easy way to increase your customers because any customer prefer the services, that are easily available without any hurdles. Let’s see what features you can add in the hotel booking mobile app to manage things easily:

  • Room status – available/reserved/checked-in/checked-out/booked
  • Room availability lookup, summary and stay information
  • If any guest is returned, then the details will be automatically filled in the customer form
  • Notification about reservation confirmation through email or message
  • Get the payment through the app
  • Information about business agent or travel agent
  • Get the schedule about the arrive and depart time of guest
  • Local language converter, it makes communication easy for your customers
  • Details of places to visit or watch
  • Information about local monuments and places
  • Map of the local city, it will be helpful for your customers
  • Details about flight schedules, train schedules
  • Details of famous bars and restaurants of the city
  • Menu details, chefs’ weblog
  • History of past cutomers, transactions, booking date and departure date
  • Details about extra bed and cost
  • Explore the beauty of your hotel through photos, in gallery section
  • Group reservation
  • Offer discounts on booking through the app
  • Customer feedback

So, there are so many features through which you can get maximum number of customers and improve the ROI, make popular your business and take a big step towards to turn your small business into a brand. So, all the hotel owners why are you still waiting? Just get in touch with us.

Our skilled mobile app developers will help you and suggest that how can you develop the best hotel booking app? They will give you the best ideas, reduce your cost and save your time.

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