IoT will Completely Overtake Smart-Phones by 2018

From your refrigerator and home thermostat to your car or office whiteboard to your doctor’s medical tablet or child’s textbook, wireless technology is leaping beyond the smart-phone to connect the world around us to the Internet. As wireless innovation continues, machine-to-machine connectivity or can say that “Internet of Things” will further accelerate mobile opportunity.

As we all know Internet of Things (IoT) is the most trending technology now days and the possibilities from this technology is continuously increasing day by day. And now the cellular IoT will completely overtake smartphone by 2018 according to Ericsson’s Mobility report.

According to Ericsson’s Mobility Report , between 2015 & 2021, the number of IoT connected devices is expected to grow 23% annually, of which cellular IoT is predicted to have the highest growth rate. IoT is known for connecting everyday objects through a network and to fulfill this, mobile phones are the best device to connect the things.

Internet of Things and Smartphone Connection

According to the report, mobile data traffic in India will grow 15 times by 2021. The report also mentions a dramatic shift in teen viewing habits. Teenagers are the major consumers of data for smartphone video streaming be it over Wi-Fi or through cellular data. As per this, the use of cellular data for smartphone video has grown 127%.

So possibilities with Internet of Things is increasing day by day. CDN Mobile Solutions an Indian Mobile App Development Company has also developed innovative mobile apps using IoT technology to contribute in the fields like security, smart home, smart city, etc.

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