Mobile Shopping – How to Create Better Mobile Checkout Experience?

According to a survey, there has been an immovable growth in mobile shopping as people are getting more assured with their mobile purchasing habits. Many mobile payments apps are giving discount & offers while using them in payment mode. People find this mobile checkout method interesting & money saving and using these apps while doing any mobile checkout.

Here we are giving some careful considerations while developing any mobile checkout or mobile payment app: -

Make Your First Expression Best: -

It is important to make best impression within the first five seconds of the user experience to avoid the high-risk of losing customers after they first time using the app. If the user log-in on your app and didn’t find it useful, you may loss one of your convertible customer.

So now you will think, how you can make your first impression best? You can make your first impression trustworthy and credible by making your home page promising.

Guarantee Security: -

New users hesitates while using apps first time to make a payment. You have to ensure that, why they must use your app to make their mobile checkout? You have to make them believe that their information will get encrypted and not going to be leaked anywhere.

You have to make your app users confident while making any mobile payment. Give them a security guarantee that their confidential information is safest in their payment method.

Best Mobile Shopping Experience
Design Strategically: -

According to a survey, users interact with their mobile phones in 3 different ways that are –

  • One Handed (49%)
  • Cradled (39%)
  • Two Handed (15%)

So make sure the layout of your app will be comfortable with all these ways. Before making any app, you have to make sure about for whom you are developing apps and what are their physical behavior with mobile phones.

Remove Distractions: -

Mobile phones already have many distractions like test messages, incoming calls, social media notifications, installed app notifications, etc. With all these distractions, if your app is also gathering distractions like advertisements, information notifications, popup messages, etc. User will definitely uninstall your app from their smartphone.

So to remove all these distractions, you have to make your app simple to use with an integrated payment mode. Removing distractions and unrelated information will make the track to purchase more productive.

Reduce Amount of Action: -

Most mobile shoppers don’t like to spend their time in filling out unnecessary fields of personal information while making any payment. If the checkout process takes too much time and entries, users will get frustrated & jump on another app.

A checkout form must be short & simple to assure that the user will make it to the end field.

Customer Service Option: -

Many shoppers wants to inquire about FAQs, concerns or comments on the particular product while doing mobile shopping. Configuration of a customer help button in mobile apps will definitely increase your conversion rate and also won the customer loyalty.

Uninterrupted Navigation: -

An easy navigation will assure that the user can progress throughout the mobile checkout without any smash along the way. If the user doesn’t know how long the process is & how much time it will take, they get easily frustrated and exit out from your app.

So these are some superb idea to make your users mobile checkout awesome and hurdle free. Apply these methods in your mobile shopping apps and get mindblowing response and conversion rate of users.

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