Are You Sure Your Mobile App is Hack Proof? Think Again..!!

In today’s tech savvy world, mobile apps play an important role in day to day activities hence time to market and quality have become two critical factors to stay ahead of your competitors. In a race to develop incredible apps, mobile app development companies sometimes miss an important stage i.e app testing. Yes, mobile app testing is a very crucial stage while developing an app. I am sure your app users will not like to use your app until unless they are assured of its safety.

A phenomenal increase in mobile apps has given rise to cyber crimes and hence app users fear losing their personal information and transaction details. So whichever mobile app development partner you select just keep mind to get you app tested. At CDN Mobile Solutions, we have designed and developed many apps since inception and thus we know how mandatory is testing phase of a mobile app. Agile and Automation testing are two major types of testing to make an app user friendly and malware free.


Lets talk about some ways how hackers can actually ruin your app:

Code Injection: As the name itself suggest, the app hackers inject some kind of malicious code in your mobile application’s binaries using below given methods:

Binary Patching: In this process, the hacker modifies the binary code of mobile app to change its behavior by augmenting its execution path. This hack could be done at the time of disabling security controls of mobile app, licensing restrictions, bypassing business rules, purchasing requirements or ad displays in the mobile app, etc.

Repackaging: After injecting malicious code in the mobile app’s binary code, the hacker then either repackage the mobile app and publish it as a new app or stealthily reinstall it in an inexperienced user’s device.

Swizzle with Behavioral Change: Majority of iOS apps are developed still with Objective-C, which supports the dynamic redirection of method invocations from one method to another. This feature is called method swizzing, and is typically used when an application needs to perform method substitution or method extension.

A hacker can take advantage of this feature to redirect Objective-C method calls to malicious code that can be provided via an external library.

How to Protect Your Smartphone?

  • Get apps only from official websites
  • Install an antivirus/malware app
  • If you have android version 4.2 or higher, you can manually verify the app hack check, go to settings – security – verify apps section.
  • If its your app idea then get the app reviewed by professionals before submitting to marketplace.

So I am sure after reading this you must be convinced with the fact that how essential is app testing and security. An app is no good if it is exposed to the possibility of hacking. If you wish to get your app tested by professionals then we are here to help you. We at CDN Mobile Solutions (mobility division of CDN Solutions Group), make sure that each app is truly tested and is free of risk of malware attack. You can meet us in Gitex Technology Week Dubai 2016 at stand no SR-E8, Sheikh Rashid Hall. We are also open to provide free complimentary passes to our visitors.

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