In-App Advertising – All You Need to Know is Here

With increasing penetration of smart phones over the last decade and half, we have seen drastic shift in trend of Internet users form desktop to mobile phones. This has resulted in explosion in apps on app-stores across all platforms. Globally Billions of users are using apps on phone at any given time. Seeing the new evolving trend the global giants have increased their mobile spending multiple times in the past few years itself, it is estimated that since 2013 the global spending budgets on app advertising has tripled and is estimated to maintain the trend till the early part of the next decade. In app advertising has shown drastic rise in corporate spending. BI Intelligence predicts that U.S. mobile ad spend will reach around $42 billion in 2018, up by a five-year compound annual growth rate of 43 percent from 2013.

Seeing the above trend large Tech giants, like Google and Facebook have launched platforms that can allow you do in app advertising on apps. These are aggregator platforms that allow app developers to integrate simple SDK in their app to enable in-app advertising on their mobile apps. These are generic tools where app developer has little or no control on which ads would be displayed. But it is great way to catch to eyeballs to your product or service.


The traditional banner ads, the oldest from of advertising , but there now innovative methods of advertising resulting in more viewer-ship and ROI. Some of the more popular method of in app advertising are:

  • Integrating Adverting SDK Available: Like Google mobile ads, Facebook app ads, opera mediworks, Inmobi, and many more.
    Pros: easy, economical and simple to integrate,
    Cons: no control on ads and revenue.
  • Custom Ad Platform: this is also a popular way of doing in app advertising.                          Pros: to have complete control of the content and revenue,
    Cons: need to have marketing setup to get advertisements, higher development cost.
  • Content into the App Advertising: This way of advertising is getting popular to it is a very indirect and passive way of hitting you customer. To explain it further it could be , an action game with City backdrop could have poster of say ”Coca Cola”. You would be surprised to see the number of application Coca Cola has on the apple store though their product is not directly related.
    Pros: great way of advertising
    Cons: need to have higher budget in advertising and identify correct app partners
  • Content Viewer-ship Advertising: This is another smart way of making user see the ads. Very popularly used in Gaming app where the user would have to view the content, Video or image for particular duration so as to go to next level or get extras on the app.
    Pros: has great eye balls to the ads
    Cons: expensive and app identification is critical
  • App sponsorship: This advertising method works well where two products have same user base but are not related. One of my app got sponsored by bank for period of 3 years as my app users were mainly Nonresident Indian and the banks wanted to promote their NRI services. There was synergy and hence it worked.
    Pros: great viewer ship
    Cons: Expensive to do so

To decide on which strategy to go for completely depends on the advertiser. As far as app developers are concerned it is important they keep a few thing in mind while implementing the in app advertising.

  • User experience: We have to make sure that user experience is not hampered at any given time there has to be balance between getting attention and not making a distraction. The Key component is timing and placement of the advertisement.
  • Return on Investment: Based on the best possible return on investment the developer has to recommend which type of in app advertising has to be chosen.


As app developers we live in such a dynamic environment which is constantly evolving there would be more research done on in App Advertising and there would be more innovative methods of advertising that are going to evolve. Having said that growth in the market will make sure there would be great opportunity for developers to cash in, as more and more people would be willing to invest in apps using in App- Advertising, as they want to be part of this multi-billion dollar advertising business.

CDN Solutions Group is a web and mobile app development company and we have implemented many in-app ads on our client’s app that are running successfully and giving high ROI. So, feel free to contact us here to discuss more about this.

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