6 Simple Things To Remember About Android Instant Apps

Google announced in 2016, Android Instant apps in its conference and stated that the launch of the apps will no longer installation require on devices. What are they & Its future? CDN Mobile Solutions team is an expert on this, so they’ve decided to tell us more about Instant apps in this blog post.

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The main objective is to bridge the gap between mobile apps and web apps by allowing users to use the native apps instantly even users who have not installed them previously they can access it by simply tapping the URL.

“Android Instant Apps are lite version of native android application allowing users to avail features without downloading the application.”

How will this Bring The Change?

Consider the following facts like other technological innovations, the primary objective of the app is to provide ease to users.

1. Ease of Access :

The instant apps can access through links .When you click on the link , you will simply be taken to a mobile web space where you can have a access to the features of the app. Undoubtedly this will expand your experience as you won’t have to go to entire process of searching and installing the mobile app.

2. Save Space :

The Google instant apps will allow users to saves alot of space by avoiding of those undesirable app downloads on their mobilephone.They can get rid of unnecessary app downloads just to find the better application.However , that mobile developers will not only create applications that will expand user experience but also utilize less space without altering the features.

3.Enjoy More Creativity:

However, that the application developers are awake that users have the right to judge the apps before installing it, they’ll be more focused on bringing creative apps.

Developers are expected to come up with a lite version of applications which can provide them better experience and a prompt service. The user will be able to relish a new experience with this new level of competency that will bring out the creative side of developers.

4. Ensure Before Using :

Inorder to have the user experience,the users will no longer have to install the application and find out its usability, user now have the freedom to checkout the features of the app before installing for future use and once the user are pleased with it, they can install the application for future use.

On the other hand , the app developers benefit from a stable detention rate . This is so because the application will only be downloaded by those who are satisfied with its features and consequently the chances of dispose of the application will diminsh.

5. Save Time While Searching :

However with android instant app user can simply google the application and click on the app link to download a mobile application , users often have to go through a time consuming searching process . But with the android instant apps , all you need to do is Google the application and you will quickly find it under the app section.Alternatively You can Just Click on the app link and open in the app store or web browser.

6.Easy To Share :

However, with the advent of android instant apps , the applications can be shared with the help of a link. They are also not required to install another app to share an app. The instant app makes application sharing very easy.


With the very broadcast of Android, Instant Apps came the instant curiosity in the hearts of developers and users globally. Now that we recently had the first look of same we can expect; better experience for the end users and farther reach for the developers and marketers.

While we still can’t confirm the acceptance rate from the developer’s side, as of now we can just hope and have presumptions based on what we saw and envision.

At CDN Mobile Solutions, we are always trying to develop and apply innovative ways to come up with an outstanding solution for our clients. So if you have any query, feel free to send us a free quote here.

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