How to Choose the Right MBaaS for Your Mobile App?

Authentication is a must required factor in modern mobile services to identify a customer or client, a secure place to store data, analytics, push notifications and ad management. The package of all these services is called Mobile Backend As a Service (MBaaS).

MBaaS is designed with the motive to make mobile app developers potential enough to develop quality app quickly without missing availability and security factors.

In a survey, it was marked that Mobile Back End As a Services could cut down the development time 44%. So with the help of MBaaS, mobile app developers can focus their front end development tasks as MBaaS can efficiently do the back end development task for them.

Make Sure the MBaaS You have Choosen is Featured with the Functionalities Given Below

No Learning Curve: The MBaaS always have featured with backed prowess so that you don’t have to write the server code, handle traffic, set up database and load balancers.

Divergent Functionalities: The perfect MBaaS collects power functionalities from user management to object storage, social integration and management, push notifications, analytics and geolocation.


Optimal Uptime: According to today’s scenario, users quickly leave or uninstall the mobile app that are slow and don’t function as promised. A well grounded MBaaS ensures fast performance and availability for mobile apps that are lightly coded.

MBaaS feature Checklist – Verify the Below Checklist before Choosing any MBaaS Service

Your MBaaS is getting started with Data Management Checklist Social Integration Checklist
Android SDK Data browser Twitter
iOS SDK File storage and retrieval Facebook
Unity SDK Object storage and retrieval Linkedin
Island Trading Helen Bennett UK
Windows SDK Data syncing G+
JavaScript SDK Access control Pinterest
Server-Side Code  - Instagram
REST API  - Regional Specific/Customizable
Distribution Checklist User Management Checklist Developer Resources Checklist
App store submissions Email verification (Customizable template) Developer Dashboard
Regional cloud hosting Phone verification Sample code and snippets
Translation and localization Manage Log-ins across devices Multiple Log-Ins/ Collaboration
QA and testing JSON Blog
Regional ad networks Anonymous user / Guest support Community
marketplace partners Anonymous user / Guest support Tutorials
Carrier and manufacturer  - -
Custom distribution packages  - -
Analytics Checklist Monetization Checklist Geolocation and Push Notification
In-app analytics Supports direct ads  -
Free basic analytics Ad mediation  -
Supports custom metrics Ability to switch configurations  -

Choosing the right MBaaS partner to reduce the complexities of your mobile app is the most important decision you can make. So make sure when you choose the MBaaS partner, you have followed the checklist given above. Feel free to know more about mobile app development services here.

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