How Crucial is App Prototyping in Mobile App Development

What is Mobile Application Prototyping?

Software prototyping is the creation of the body of a mobile application sans its spirit. It is essentially a simulation of the final system and covers almost all of its aspects. The purpose of this process is to enable the users of the application to test the waters before plunging into the actual development steps.

Faking it before Making it

The Software Development Lifecycle has seen a paramount remoulding in the face of application prototyping. Traditionally, entire programs were built right away and then any inconsistencies and loopholes were taken care of in the subsequent phases.

This way of application development had a major drawback of poor estimates of time and cost owing to the fact that the amount of rework would be discovered only after the software was completely built.

Today, software developers prefer building prototypes as it helps them gain clarity about the completeness of their understanding of the client’s requirements. The clients, on the other hand, bend towards prototypes as it becomes easier for them to foresee their mobile application and alter it if they please.

The Ladder of Prototyping

It includes the following steps-

Identification of Requirements – The basic functionality of the mobile application is taken care of here and the finer details are left out. Essentially, a wireframe is what is developed in this phase.

Development of the Initial Prototype – After wireframing, a prototype is developed in this step that includes only the user interfaces, i.e., the front end flow of the application along with the functionalities.

Review phase – The customer, and/or the end users analyze the prototype and provide with valuable feedback with the additions or changes required.

Revision of the Prototype – The prototype is improved upon in this phase to better match the requirements of the customer.

There are no hard boundaries over the iterations of the last two steps, and these are the ones that keep making the wireframe better, and subsequently, help in delivering the best product.


The Benefits of Mobile App Prototyping

Mobile App Development has ceased to happen without wireframes and prototypes. These are the reasons why-

Flexibility of Thought

When a prototype is first developed, there is room for new ideas and innovations to happen. The acceptance of changes and their implementation is an easy prospect at this stage.

User testing opens up a gateway of feedbacks and suggestions, and these alterations can be made possible whilst a prototype is being worked upon. This allows for a closer examination of the final product through the prototype.

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Since the development process has just begun, it is better affordable to inculcate changes in the application now, than when the actual application is under development.

Customer’s Involvement in Application Development

The client and the stakeholders get a sense of involvement in the mobile application’s development through the prototyping process. As the designers and developers of the application dig out for new ideas, they are always in consultation with the client over the possible innovations.

The final product, in this way, is a better embodiment of the client’s ideas regarding the application.
An overall view of the problems and the solutions is possible when the application is seen from the developers’, designers’, customer’s and the end users’ point of view.

This holistic view of the mobile app leaves no space for changes later in the development cycle.

Gathering funds

Before a stakeholder can invest in a mobile application, it is in his interest to see a working prototype of the final product. In order to convince the investor of the value of the mobile application, a prototype is a must. When you see it with your eyes, you believe it in your heart.

Market Validation of the product

When a prototype is tested by the potential users of the final application, the usability of the application is tested. Deep customer engagement is accomplished by testing the application prototype and gathering feedbacks only to further improve it.

5 Best Tools to Build the Best Prototypes

  • There are a variety of tools in the market to build prototypes of a mobile application. The best out of them are-
  • Balsamiq
  • Mockplus
  • Marvel
  • Pop

CDN Solutions’ Services in Application Prototyping

We are a mobile application development company that is delivering excellence to its clients both offshore and native.
We provide Mobile Application Prototyping services as a part of the UI / UX development phase in the software development cycle. We design the best prototypes that are-

  • Clickable- Enabling you to test the complete flow of the application as you would post the deployment.
  • Responsive- So that you can interact with the user interface seamlessly.
  • User-friendly- Allowing you to easily navigate through all the functionalities of the mobile app.

We employ the best tools, and exploit the best technologies, and deliver the best mobile apps. Feel free to contact us and know more about app prototyping and wireframing services.

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