The Latest Mobile App UI/UX Trends Set to Rule in 2019

Mobile App UI/UX Trends 2019

Mobile app development trends change at a lightning pace. Every year, we await new technologies and tools to change the way we create software solutions and mobile apps. If you think back through this year, we’re sure you’ll spot trends that weren’t there the previous year. You visited websites, used mobile apps, and leveraged software tools that were responsive and interactive this year.

However, UI developers and designers know how to take user interface and user experience to the next level. And, so, for 2019, there are a host of trends we can see coming. With our average attention span shrinking every passing year, the challenge for any mobile app designer remains to create beautiful and capturing UI/UX designs that make us stay on their mobile app a bit longer.

Curious about what to expect in 2019? Let’s skim over the top mobile UI/UX design trends for the coming year-

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages – A sluggish app makes users frustrated and affect your mobile app’s retention rates. Bid farewell to slow loading apps with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). AMPs load faster for mobile and make the user experience hiccup-free. AMPs are expected to load under one second on a mobile device- an achievable goal that is going to be the most critical metric in 2019 for anyone wanting to boost their app’s CTR.
  • Video Content – Since videos became all the rage this year, expect to see more of them in rather untraditional places in 2019. An app designing strategy that’s getting popular is to replace written content with animations, so every time a user lands on your app, they see a video rather than having to read written text. Customize your app design to use brand videos and quirk up your mobile app for 2019.
  • Visual Declutter – Content (in any form) can be expected to be at the center of app design in 2019. To keep users centered on content, mobile app designers will take steps to declutter their apps and help users focus on the most important design aspect. To achieve a decluttered design, mobile app developers will have to eliminate visual noise and prioritize information to make it easier for app users to consume content and follow calls to action.
  • In-app Gestures – With the dissolution of the home button on the latest Apple iPhone, UI/UX designers faced a challenge- to create gesture-based user experiences. In 2019, to address gesture-based designs in a better way, app developers will take a number of steps to ensure their apps remain usable and easy-to-navigate.
  • Augmented Reality – It’s getting harder to differentiate what’s real and what’s just a superimposed image, thanks to AR. With apps like Pokemon Go that entirely integrated AR, there is still a lot of unused potential in the technology waiting for mobile app UI designers to leverage. Besides gaming, Augmented Reality will be extensively used by interior and home decor, healthcare specialists, and other such industries to enhance user experience and bring it closer to reality.
  • Layered UI/UX Designs – A disorganized app looks like an untidy room. Fix that with a layered design and varying depths to help users focus on the active element while having others still in view but with various opacity levels. Create a sense of space and clarity in your app by using overlapping fonts and shades of color. Layered design will come off as a top mobile app UI trend to follow in 2019.
  • More Swiping – 2018 saw email and text messaging delete buttons get replaced by swipe navigation. The predominant tap has now taken a backseat as music tracks change and phones get unlocked with a swipe. Tinder entirely changed the game with the app that uses swiping as a primary mode of navigation through the app. More swiping functionality would mean a cleaner UI experience and less clumsy taps.
  • Color Gradients – Instagram wasn’t fooling around when its realistic camera logo was replaced with a simplified logo with a color gradient. Mobile UI/UX designing pretty much followed the same trend. Color gradients will replace flat colors as they allow users to focus on the main design elements, convey emotions, and notch your app design up a bit. Mobile apps in 2019 are expected to be attention-grabbers with strong color gradients.
  • Minimalist Designs – Simplicity is really the key to success with mobile apps in 2019. Uncluttered buttons, simple and classy app logos, and a clean design that has no difficult shapes and figures- the ingredients to a perfect app. Minimalist apps that don’t sway their focus on the design more than their purpose will win the usage and retention game in 2019.
  • Custom Digital Illustrations – Apps will heavily use custom digital illustrations to enhance usability, boost navigation, and add a visual appeal. Icons, mascots, and illustrations will improve mobile app UI designs making them accessible to users with natural learning and reading disabilities who have a hard time comprehending text.
  • Bold Typography – Gone are the days of beautiful calligraphic fonts in mobile apps. Reaffirming the minimalism trend, bold fonts will become the trend again in the coming year. The catch is to keep the design clean and clutter-free while enhancing the presence of the content that needs to be noticed. Bold fonts tightly unite the content with everything else in the interface, increasing the blending in all elements and making the overall experience soothing.

Mobile app designing trends convey a hint of user taste and what they want to see the most in future. Follow these trends to design apps that convey emotions, value, and potential to its users. With a host of apps getting published every day in different app stores, it is getting more and more difficult to earn the attention of your users. Leverage top technologies for mobile app development and designing and show your users that you care about their expectations.

Mobile app UI/UX trends are ever-evolving, but we strongly expect to see these trends taking shape and becoming clearer in 2019. Stay up-to-date with the top mobile app UI trends so you can be prepared ahead of time and execute these trends on your own mobile app.

Stay ahead of the competition and use these trends to amplify mobile app usage metrics this year.

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