Fully Integrated Solution For The Biggest Convenience Retail Chain

Retail store solution

The Client

Our client is a retailer with more than 68 franchised convenience stores in Australia. These stores are located nearby petrol pumps that are also owned by the client. The store was founded with a mission to make things available for people 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. So the client opened a store that offers items including groceries, fruits, vegetables, and chicken and it’s open 24×7.

The Story

Managing such a big franchise system was getting difficult for the client. So, they got a solution to manage them all. But, they were not happy with that solution and started searching for the best fit. Eventually they found CDN Mobile Solutions, which has a strong base in Web and Mobile App Development.

When the client reached us, they had many ideas and requirements. They wanted a solution that could manage inventories, employees, customers, and everything related to the stores. They wanted to automate everything from purchasing to sales. Our team worked hard to fulfill all their needs and provided them with the best suitable solution.

The Solution

As the client had multiple requirements, the solution also includes various things to serve different purposes and different users. It includes:

Mobile Application and CMS

To make the buying process simple, comfortable and interesting, we built a mobile app for the customers/user. This Mobile Application is compatible with all the latest versions of iOS and Android.

The user can download the app and signup/login to access the dashboard. The user can update the profile, check buying history and log out the app. With the help of this app, the user can find the nearby store, and check offers including member’s offers that are specific to the users. They can buy things online and add suitable pickup time. They can also check loyalty points earned and redeem them.

We have also integrated iBeacon to this application. Whenever a user comes in the range of iBeacon, it detects the user and sends it the latest store offers.

Apart from this, we have also added games that keeps user engaging and coming back. The user can play games and win rewards in terms of products or off.


Point of Sale as the name suggests, it helps in managing all the sales related things from one place. It’s a desktop application that we built on .net and is basically used by the cashier present at the store.

To this POS Sytem for Retail we have integrated touch that provides online payment facility. So the customer can recharge their account and pay with it.

We have also integrated Postec to control fuel pump service station. So the cashier can manage fuel pump customers along with the in-store customers.

Cash drawer and printer are also linked with the POS. Cash drawer will automatically open when the mode of payment is cash.


Making the buying task easier, we built a desktop application designed for customers self-service. It helps customers save the time of standing in the queue to make purchases. They can pick the things they want and directly pay through the kiosk installed at every outlet. We have used PHP CMS for mobile app and Kiosk backend processing.

Supporting Platforms

To make store management trouble-free, we built a ‘EDI platform’ on Delphi. From here the admin can keep a check on the activities in store, manage product entry, track cashier, track users and manage offers.

The client required a platform to make employee scheduling painless for such a large number of stores that are open 24×7. So, we developed ‘employee roster’ web application on .net. Now, the client focuses on major things leaving the employee scheduling part on Roster.

The client also needed help in decision making for the business. So, we built a ‘Business Intelligence’ app and as the name says, it helps in taking business decisions. It provides analytics and comparison reports. It includes data like the number of sales in a specific month, sales in a specific store, what were the offers in different stores, what products were placed in front of the cash counters etc. The client found this app really helpful in making business decisions.

Apart from these platforms, we have also worked on more App Development like “Manager Tablet” on Android for stock management. ‘Accounting Xero’ and ‘Credit Account’ apps are in progress. The list doesn’t end here. To know more, contact us now!

The Final Solution

The final solution is a combination of multiple platforms and applications. We are still adding more feature to make the solution a fully fledged one, unique, and up to date. The client got so much impressed with our talent that they never left us since then and it’s been more than 3 years of togetherness now. We are a family now.

Are you also looking for a Retail POS Solution to make your work effortless and interesting? Don’t hesitate to contact us now.

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