Flutter 3 update

What’s New in Google’s Flutter 3: Features and Updates

Now is the time to receive something new and upgraded. It’s a Flutter stable release— and Google is unbelievably pleased to announce Flutter 3! Just three months ago, we have received Flutter support for Windows. Today, we are eager to declare that Flutter is presently stable for macOS and Linux, besides Windows!

You must be excited to know what is new in this release. We have brought to you news about the decrease in support for older versions of Windows and some other changes.

Here is everything you need to know about Flutter 3. So, let’s get down to business!

Several exciting things are a part of this release, including the update on Flutter’s support for macOS and Linux, notable performance improvements, mobile, and web updates. Let’s start with desktop updates.

All set for production on all desktop platforms.

Linux and macOS have reached stable and that consists of the following features

  1. Cascading menus and support for the macOS system menu bar
  2. Full support for international text input on all desktop platforms
  3. Accessibility on all desktop platforms
  4. Universal binaries by default on macOS
  5. Deprecating Windows 7/8 for development

Mobile Updates

  1. Foldable phone support
  2. iOS variable refresh rate support
  3. Simplified iOS releases
  4. Gradle version update
  5. Sunsetting 32-bit iOS/iOS 9/iOS 10

Web Updates

1. Image decoding

Flutter web now can automatically identify and uses the Image Decoder API in all those browsers that support it.

2. Web app lifecycles

The new lifecycle API for Flutter web applications offers you the adaptability to control the bootstrap cycle of your Flutter application from the hosting HTML page and assists Lighthouse with dissecting the performance of your application.

Tooling updates

Flutter and Dart tooling include:

1. Updated lint package

Version 2.0 of the lint packages has been newly released:

Flutter: https://pub.dev/packages/flutter_lints/versions/2.0.0

Dart: https://pub.dev/packages/lints/versions/2.0.0

2. Performance & execution improvements

On account of open source contributor Knopp, partial repaint has been empowered on Android devices/gadgets that support it.

3. Impeller

The group has been working hard on a solution to address early-onset jank on iOS and different platforms.

4. Inline promotional ads on android

Whenever you use the Google mobile ads package, you ought to see better performance and execution in user-critical interactions e.g. scrolling and transitions between pages.

Additional exciting updates

Different updates to the Flutter environment incorporate the following:

1. Theme extensions

Flutter presently empowers adding anything to the material library’s Theme Data, with an idea called Theme extensions.

2. Material 3

Flutter 3 backings Material Design 3, the up-and-coming generation of Material Design.

3. Ads/Promotions

We realize distributers should demand assent for customized promotions and to deal with Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) necessities.

Take away

Flutter maintains its status as the well-known cross-platform UI toolbox, as estimated by experts like Statista and SlashData. And we are very happy to receive this new release of futter3.

Thank You google.

Source** : Google’s officials pages.