Badam Satti - 7 of Hearts

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Badam Satti - 7 of Hearts

An addictive and interesting card game “Badam Satti (7 of Hearts)” is an Indian game, also known as “Satti Center”. One with least card points is the winner here. Aim of the game is to finish one’s cards before the opponents does. The users can play it offline and online. This game is surely a great mind exercise which refreshes your mind. Strategies and skills are needed to become the master player. Game starts with 7 of hearts and player left with least card points is the “winner” at the end of the game.


Features of the Game :

  • Great Graphics
  • Facebook Connect
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Game Hosting
  • Players Group
  • Push Notifications
  • Help (Game Instruction Guide)
  • 15 Free Credits
  • More Credits on App PurchasePlay with Computer
  • Earn credit by inviting friends