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With the Atlasjet app, flight schedule and tickets are now able to get anywhere at any time. Moreover, this practice may also have special advantages not only mobile transactions ...

The application allows you to process all kinds of trip.


3 Steps Ticket: Atlasjet domestic and international flights and price information in the status display in 3 steps could easily get your ticket with a credit card, if you wish to cancel this booking via the application.


Check-in: Seating plan view, choose the seat you want, without being in counters, the application can be viewed 2D barcode can start your journey by showing a flight attendant's door.


Tariffs: Atlasjet view the current domestic and international flight schedule, as well as yourdestination, you can get information about the status of the city's air.


Departure / Arrival: Atlasjet flights at airports on the declared landing / take-off or delay information can be found here.