Flash card Age 0-2

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Flash card Age 0-2

It is a fun learning app for babies and toddlers to learn in an interactive way with Flash Cards.

The educational app “Flash Cards Age 0-2” is an amazing application for the primary learning of kids between Age 0 to 2. The app gives exposure to children to learn and recognize the basic objects around them.

What makes this app unique:
1) The images used on Flashcards are real object images which a child can see around him.
2) Designed for Android device & Tablet with minimum navigation.

The Flash Cards have Alphabets, Objects, Animals, Colors, Numbers, Shapes, Fruits, Vegetables, Birds & Vehicles in categories. The app has Alphabets as free for all users and uses in app purchase feature for other categories.

There are following numbers of elements in each category:

Level 1:
* Alphabets (English) : 26
* Objects : 56
* Animals : 36
* Colors : 14
* Numbers : 10
Level 2:
* Shapes: 16
* Fruits: 20
* Vegetables: 20
* Birds: 16
* Vehicles: 20

The app is currently available in English language, with Audio.

We would like to welcome any suggestion and feedback to make this app even better.