Comfort Eater Beater

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Comfort Eater Beater

Desperate for a chocolate biscuit? Beat your comfort eating habit with this free app!


Find out why you are comfort eating and get tips on how to feel better without using food. Based in psychological research, this app is for you if you want to tackle your unhealthy snacking.


This isn’t a diet, it’s not about swapping one food for another, it’s not a faddy way to lose weight – it is a simple approach to changing your thinking about how you use food to deal with your emotions.

Before you reach for chips or chocolate – reach for your iPhone!


First there are some quick questions to work out if you’re comfort eating or whether you just need a healthy meal. If you are comfort eating, you’ll get a mood questionnaire. This identifies the mood that is making you crave that sugary, fatty or salty snack – are you bored, lonely, angry, anxious, depressed or stressed? Depending on your mood, you’ll receive a range of targeted tips to help you feel better without relying on snack food.


Great credentials


The Comfort Eater Beater has been developed with input from scientific consultant Dr Jacqueline Blissett from the University of Birmingham. It’s completely free thanks to funding from UnLtd, the foundation for social entrepreneurs, in partnership with 4iP, an initiative of Channel 4 Television Corporation.


Totally unique


So many people find their emotions trigger the urge to snack, yet the Comfort Eater Beater is the first ever app to help tackle comfort eating.


Nothing but your unhealthy habits to lose


If you’re a comfort eater you’ll know that all those extra calories can add up. So give the Comfort Eater Beater a go and get through those moments when a packet of crisps or a chocolate biscuit used to seem irresistible!