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goRoamPOD is Proof of Delivery Software for bulk and packaged products. goRoam supports both pickup and delivery. For bulk products, the quantity delivered can be tracked along with quantities for individual tank readings. For packaged products, drivers can scan product barcodes to confirm and match against items on the order. Both bulk and packaged products can be delivered on the same order. Mobile users can be fully managed from the goRoam server. Dispatchers can logon to the web-based system to view or create orders, as well as schedule and dispatch orders via the electronic dispatch board. If orders are entered in an existing Order Management System, they can be presented for dispatchers and customer service reps to simply view order and driver status, including electronic signatures from customers. The Delivery module is integrated with the goRoam mobile platform and other modules, such as inspections for vehicle inspections.




  • Pre-trip inspection – drivers enter or scan their truck to start route
  • Route list – drivers see all loads, deliveries (or pickups) and events
  • Load tickets – including entering the terminal/depot and supplier
  • Signature capture - electronic signature including WHO signed
  • Event tracking – timestamp events such as waiting on signature