Augmented Reality App Development

AR – The Amalgamation of the Real and the Digital


Augmented Reality is essentially a fusion of the reality as we experience it, with several digitally created components so as to create a perception of an enhanced version of the world we live in.


Augmented Reality – The Crooked “Reality”


Augmented Reality has since long started to blur the line of distinction between the real and the virtual. Unlike virtual reality which digitally creates a completely divergent perspective, Augmented Reality plays with the real environment through the projection of new information on top of it. Augmented Reality, in that sense, is just an inch closer to the real world and therefore just an inch away from being completely virtual.


This yields a completely different set of applications that are a consequence of AR. Augmented Reality superimposes on the real world, graphics, sounds, haptic feedback and senses of smell, in real-time.


The Countless Applications of AR

  • Architecture - A better understanding of a structure can be gained by visualizing a digitally-created image that is superimposed on the real view before the construction commences.
  • An architect can, through AR, render his 2D drawing in three dimensions for a better grasp on the technicalities.
  • Commerce - A rather innovative development in the print marketing is one of designing print material with some images, that when viewed with an AR-enabled device, will show a video version of the same advertisement.
  • Education and Training - Since AR makes the experience a captivating one, it is being popularly used in the learning arena. Employee training can be made hands-on and more appealing with the use of Augmented Reality.
  • Gaming - The alluring perception created by AR has led to a wave of AR games that are immersive and fun.
  • Medical - Be it enhancing the view of a fetus inside a mother’s womb, or using AR visualization aids for a surgery, the scope of its potential use is vast.
  • Navigation - Advanced GPS systems work in conjunction with AR, giving out signals for any hazards on the way, directions, information on the weather, the terrain and the traffic information in real time.
  • Retail - Product previews now include an AR experience in the form of 360-degree views of the product. Through AR, it is possible to view the insides of a product package before opening it.
  • Robotics - A visual image of a far-off workspace is beneficial to an operator of a robot to guide it. This is possible through AR.
  • Workplace - AR enables discussions at the workplace that involve the employees present there, and also the ones that are remotely connected. Such a collaboration leads to better results and higher efficiency at the workplace.


CDN Solutions Group – The Perfect AR App Development Partner


We are a company developing AR apps since the inception of Augmented Reality. Till date, we have to our credit the most robust and efficient AR apps in the areas of-

  • Geolocation mapping
  • Image Recognition
  • Gaming
  • Social Media
  • Education
  • Training
  • Art and Museum


We have AR developers who are proficient in building the best out of the technology. We stand with a team of best AR mobile app developers which has made us the best AR app development company. The usefulness of an application increases many-folds with the proper planning and execution, and that is what we go by!


AR App Development Services we offer

  • Custom and business Augmented Reality Applications
  • Advanced Programming Techniques
  • UI/UX design for Interactivity and Innovation
  • 2D / 3D Game Development Services
  • Cross-Platform App Development Services
  • Collaborative Approach to building solutions
  • QA Standards – We are clingy to our standards, and not shy about it!
  • Scalable & Robust Solutions – We know no other way to build them.


We build Experiences, not just Applications!


We at CDN Solutions only employ the best of the tools, when it comes to building an antique!


We work with the following applications and tools to carve out the most immersive and advanced AR mobile applications-

  • Layar
  • Vuforia
  • Wikitude
  • DigiMark SDK
  • Unity


Our app developers employ these tools to satisfy the business requirements of our clients, and we keep delivering the finest experiences in the form of the best AR apps.


Our continuous and persistent determination to deliver the best solutions has placed us in the spot of the Top Augmented Reality app development company. And we do our best to retain it.


Contact us for metamorphosing your idea into an appealing and interactive AR-enabled mobile application, tailor-made for you.