Augmented Reality Development

It's not dream, its reality.

The revolutionary technology of augmented reality allows seeing digitally enhanced view of Videos, Sounds, Graphics and GPS data. Augmented Reality is also known with its abbreviation AR. This new-wave technology adds more significant value in our everyday life and thus accumulates one’s current perception of reality. Functionality wise, AR add layers of digital information which can be recognized with the camera and sensors in a Smartphone or Tablet.


As the user's surrounding real world becomes interactive and digitally manipulable with this advanced AR technology, it open's a large scope of enhancement in businesses, education, presentations, information conveying media, etc. Let's elaborate it by taking few examples. What If,

  • Children can see the whole story of a normal sketch of their drawing book.
  • Your users can see all your products in 3D view just by having their images in a magazine, any printed material or digitally on their computers.
  • Your customers can see the images of the dish and all its info just by hovering on its name in restaurant and hotel.
  • You get the virtual way to the booth with directions by just taking your camera on the flex placed on the entrance door of an exhibition.

Augmented Reality Technology can be used for every industrial vertical like for Marketing & Advertising, Education, Games, Brand Image, automotive, Health, utility, lifestyle / fashion, travel and tourism and many more. There are numerous possibilities where Augmented Reality Apps can provide more authentic and engaging simulations.


So, Are you ready to give a new curve to your business or ideas?


If yes, then do Get in touch with us with your Augmented Reality App requirements and let your customers phone turn into a magic lens. CDN Mobile Solutions have an extreme experience in developing complex mobile apps for all major platforms and also has proved themselves in developing Augmented Reality Applications. CDN Mobile Solutions has already created a demo app “CDN AR”, an AR App on Android, which can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store. We are in process and are ready to build AR apps for our clients to devise it real for their businesses and consumers alike.