iBeacon App Development

CDN Mobile Solutions is the leading iBeacon App Development Company, helping businesses defining their marketing and customer acquisition strategies. Our team of expert developers and strategists enables brands to upshot their customer engagement, sales and service through iBeacons. We have been helping companies across the industry verticals like restaurant booking, taxi booking, provision store, fashion store & many more, leveraging these tiny masterpieces to create an everlasting customer experience.

At CDN Mobile Solutions, we combine the latest technologies with the most elegant user experiences to deliver the best solutions for iBeacon Application Development. Our team of expert iBeacon developer is highly qualified with deep knowledge and understanding in Low Energy Bluetooth essential to unlock the power of iBeacon.

Our iBeacon App Development goes agile with you, helping your business accelerate in terms of growth, expansion and innovative break through. We have a complete portfolio of iBeacon Development services and solutions that offers enterprise-grade scalability, productivity and performance.

How does Beacon Technology works?

There are devices in different category and names are Estimote Beacon, Red Beacon etc. Beacon has connected with the client as well as a server to receive and send data. It receives the information from the server and passes the message or notification to mobile app receiver. It helps you to find the product location using the technology, but one condition that you must have Bluetooth enabled device as well as in app in your smartphone.

Let’s have a look around each area of business where Beacon Technology has applied & benefited using mobile app

  • Retail Industry

  • Hospital Industry

  • Education Industry

  • Entertainment Industry

  • Real Estate

  • Digital Signature/Advertising

iBeacon App Benefits

Good for advertisement-

You can send free coupons to your customer and retention them to purchase a product from your store. A customer would get in touch with you ever when they receive attention from you about an exclusive discount offer.


If you purchase 2-3 devices together for establishing a system using Beacon Technology will charge less in linked to an app and including CMS too. What’s more, you are only left with the process of creating tags, actions, etc.

i-net Connection-less-

Beacon Technology is using Bluetooth low-powered energy to connect with the mobile app as well with other devices. The devices available in various range starting from 2 meter upto 70 meters. The choice of Beacon device is depended on your requirement.

Why Choose CDN Mobile Solutions For iBeacon App Development?

Our professionals with great industry knowledge & years of expertise ensure that your business reaches unrivalled position & sets a new level of success.

  • Highly experienced iBeacon app developers.

  • Over a decade of experience.

  • Skilled, Young and passionate developers.

  • Regular knowledge update and assessment.

  • Smooth collaboration.

  • Agile first development approach.

  • Experienced project management.

  • Efficient communication practices.

CDN Mobile Solutions offers iBeacon App Development Service

  • Your idea and our implementation to make prototype

  • iOS/ Android App Beacon Design

  • iOS/ Android App Development using Beacon

  • iBeacon integreation in your upcoming iOS app

  • Beacon Backend Development and solutions

  • Beacon app maintenance services

Make Beacon Mobile App as your Business Partner

CDN Mobile Solutions have very attentive experts who are occupied for iBeacon App Development. There are number of iBeacon App developed by CDN Mobile Solutions and our consumers satisfied while using application and regular services. WE’D LOVE TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR PROJECT! Choose Us As Your Design And Development Partner .We, the CDN Mobile Solutions ready to shape your idea into real Beacon Application. Request A Quote!