Internet of Things

Can you imagine that controlling the temperature of your home’s AC from your office? Can you imagine that you can change the hot water setting of your home via the smartphone from your office? This is all possible with the help of Internet of Things.

Internet of Things is the ability to transfer the data over a network without requiring human-to-computer and human-to-human interaction. Internet of Things or IoT is based on wireless technologies.It is the result of convergence of wireless technologies, Internet and micro-electromechanical systems.

Internet of things

CDN Mobile Solutions acknowledged this technology and encouraged other companies and its clients to adopt this latest technology. We are exploring Internet of Things and have helped many of our clients adapt IoT into their routine life.

We are excited to share CDN’s contribution to the IoT!

Watch + GPS + Bluetooth + iPhone

Handheld digital watch with GPS & Bluetooth connectivity, integrated with iPhone mobile app, providing bi-directional communication and control, to offer real time call alerts, calendar notifications

Hardware Lock + GPS + Bluetooth + iPhone

Real time controls of a smart bike lock hardware, with alarm security, GPS, and keyless unlocking via an iPhone app.

Gaming Controller + Motors + Pressure Sensor + iPhone

Advanced Gaming Remote Controller hardware including rotation motors, pressure sensors, and vibration controls, all integrated seamlessly with an iPhone mobile app.

Fluid Dispenser + Pumps + Mixers + Wireless + Desktop App

Industrial Fluid Dispensing control via desktop based application controlling giant mechanical pumps, mixers, and wireless printers all integrated to automate the production and delivery of an industrial fluid product.

Car Parts + Light Sensors + Spectrum Meter + iOS + Android App

Quality Inspection mobile app for one of the ‘leading’ global car manufacturer, integration with light sensors, spectrum meters and iOS + Android Mobile apps to benchmark the quality and testing of different car parts / components.

So, with already so many things in our pocket related to internet of things, we are confident enough to implement and execute your great idea of internet of things in your business and lifestyle. Get in touch with us today..!