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CDN Mobile Solutions is an award winning Mobile Application Development Company expanding its portfolio in providing Internet of Things (IoT) Application Development service and IoT solutions. CDN Mobile app experts have been working on IoT based applications and have worked as IoT enablers for partners’ projects, converting their “devices” to “smart devices”. We have worked on over 30 IoT projects in the past few years, enabling apps correlation with hardware such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Near Field Communication (NFC), ZigBee and more. We provide complete IoT services including IoT Consulting, IoT app development, IoT implementation, and IoT Support.

Internet of things

Internet of Things – The Present and Future of The Digital Era

Internet of Things has taken the world by storm with its high end benefits and functionalities. Internet of Things, usually referred as IoT, is the expanding network of physical objects and internet. Take a watch for an example. The smartwatch that you aspire to wear, is the most common example of IoT. We believe that IoT technology will be instrumental in bringing to reality the dream of Smart Cities, Home Automation, Smart Healthcare, and more. We have enabled our partners across different verticals to connect their business with internet connected devices. Our IoT App Development service and solutions are highly secure and easily scalable.

IoT is believed to be the future of the digital era and has fuelled the Industrial revolution by its contribution which has successfully resulted in Industrial IoT. Several healthcare units, industries, logistics businesses, etc. have already embraced this concept of complete connectivity. IoT helps the business manager to view the status of each and every entity covered in the business. Real-time monitoring, tracking the assets and manufacturing units, controlling different metrics such as water consumption, heat, etc. can be controlled from your mobile.

Why you should choose CDN Mobile Solutions for IoT Application  Development?

  • CDN Mobile Solutions is among the top of the emerging IoT app development companies.

  • Our IoT development team consists of networking individuals and skilled programmers.

  • We have prominent Internet of Things services and solutions for every requirement.

  • Analysis of requirement, marketplace as well as business

  • We believe it is our responsibility to keep ourselves updated on IoT technologies.

  • Our IoT services can be availed at much lenient budget than quoted by others.

  • Our strong ethical code and consciousness of time has led us where we are.

  • We do not quit until our client is not satisfied by our efforts.

We are excited to share CDN’s contribution to the IoT(Internet of Things)!

Watch + GPS + Bluetooth + iPhone App

Handheld digital watch with GPS & Bluetooth connectivity, integrated with iPhone mobile app, providing bi-directional communication and control, to offer real time call alerts, calendar notifications.

Hardware Lock + GPS + Bluetooth + iPhone App

Real time controls of a smart bike lock hardware, with alarm security, GPS, and keyless unlocking via an iPhone app.

Gaming Controller + Motors + Pressure Sensor + iPhone App

Advanced Gaming Remote Controller hardware including rotation motors, pressure sensors, and vibration controls, all integrated seamlessly with an iPhone mobile app.

Fluid Dispenser + Pumps + Mixers + Wireless + Desktop App

Industrial Fluid Dispensing control via desktop based application controlling giant mechanical pumps, mixers, and wireless printers all integrated to automate the production and delivery of an industrial fluid product.

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It is not only capability and knowledge that make us a renowned IoT Mobile App Development Company. It’s our dedication to our customer by offering propelled list of capabilities with hottest technology that makes our Apps emerge. We already have so many things in our pocket related to internet of things, we are confident enough to implement and execute your great idea of internet of things in your business and lifestyle. Get in Touch with us today..!