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Internet of Things- The char-IoT of Technology

IoT is clearly the chariot carrying the major paradigm changes in Technology since a while now. And the procession boasting of this chariot is the IT Industry. ‘Internet of Things’ is self-explanatory for the meaning and essence of the Technology. It is essentially the network of devices- electronics, software, sensors, vehicles, which are mutually connected to each other to enable the collection and exchange of data.


Generally, mobile devices form the core of this technology, through which the connected devices are accessed by the user. Nearly all leading technological advancements- Big data, Smart cities, and Data analytics have emerged out of the concept of IoT.


The Numerous Bearings of Internet of Things


The far-and-wide applications of IoT cover all industries existing. The potential of application of IoT for industry-specific purposes is huge, some instances of which are-



  • Remote patient monitoring through IoT enriched applications.
  • Automated workflows for the clinics that minimise manual errors in treatment.
  • Transformation in the way a doctor and a patient communicate and collaborate.



  • Vehicle monitoring through sensors that collect information about each driver’s trips in the fleet.
  • Remotely collecting vehicular data on the mechanical statistics and other settings.
  • Connected vehicles wherein cars interact with their surroundings through the sensors inbuilt in them.
  • No-texting services and safe driving applications that monitor and assess drivers in real time and take actions when required in emergencies.


Smart Farming

  • Monitor the livestock and carry operations remotely to revolutionise farming and Agriculture by employing Internet of Things development strategies and applications.



  • Smart handling of information pertaining to stock levels and expiry dates in the manufacturing, distribution and supply chains.
  • Optimizing delivery strategy to reduce the distance, delivery time and improve the efficiency.
  • Automation of the warehouse through sensors embedded into bins and equipment to track product movement and assembly.


Fuel and Energy

  • Smart metering to overcome manual faults and resulting in a low cost to the customers.
  • Maintenance of assets that tracks any failure or wear and tear of an equipment and prevents any impending disaster.
  • Consistent energy distribution through analyzing data collected for the peak times of usage, predicting the downtimes and taking appropriate measures to deal with the same.
  • Seamlessly managing complex energy grids from a single console by employing IoT.



  • Revamp your factory’s operations through hardware integration of sensors and actuators for better performance and safety.
  • Menacing dangers can be turned around by installing safety checks at various level of a manufacturing unit for tracking threatening conditions and taking proper actions when it about to occur.
  • Reduce manual intervention by building an ecosystem of connected machines that interact with each other creating an automated production cycle.



  • Remotely asses the critical equipment of construction for any changes in the metrics like temperature, pressure, vibrations, etc. through IoT applications.
  • Analyze data from the sensors installed in machinery to predict failures, inconsistencies and schedule maintenance tasks accordingly.


Smart Homes

  • Managing the appliances that are under your roof was never so easy. With the mobile phone, almost all homebound activities can be remotely carried out.


What has CDN Solutions Group achieved in the IoT space


We are an IoT app development company that has built applications that cater to the business requirements in the following areas-

  • Automobile
  • Gaming
  • Retail
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Smart Homes
  • Smart Transportation


Our experts in IoT not only create the most functional applications but also make sure that the applications leave a mark as an experience would, on the conscience of the user. We create the most immersive and interactive user experiences and deliver them with our applications. We deal with the problems head-on and create the best Internet of things solutions with vigour and passion. Hire the most proficient IoT service provider and give your business a new dimension.


Our Two Cents to The IoT space


We have been juggling with IoT and its best practices since when the rest of the world was just talking about it. Some of the leading solutions that we have developed are-



  • We have built a smartwatch adorned with GPS chip and Bluetooth connectivity, that is integrated with an iOS mobile application. The system provides a bidirectional communication functionality.
  • The watch gives its users real-time notifications for calls, calendar alerts, email alerts, etc.


Smart bike locking system

  • Smart bike locking hardware with a GPS pre-installed.
  • The security feature of an alarm accompanies the hardware.
  • An iOS application enables unlocking the bike without the keys.


Industrial Fluid Dispenser

  • Fluid dispenser controlled via a Windows 7 Desktop application.
  • The system controls mechanical pumps, mixers, wireless printers which are integrated to build a centralised system to manufacture and deliver an industrial fluid.


Vehicular Quality Inspection application

  • A solution developed for a leading global car manufacturer.
  • Light sensors, spectrum meters integrated with iOS and Android mobile application.
  • Quality assurance and testing of different components of a car through a collaboration between the concerned groups.


Mobile application for deaf and hearing impaired

  • Help users (Specially deaf and hearing impaired) by notifying them for their day-to-day activities that require hearing abilities like doorbell, baby monitor, phone call, fire alarm etc.
  • Minimal configuration/setup with proper instructions to configure multicast Gateway (RFGateway).
  • The app is also able to receive and handle multiple alarms/alerts simultaneously.
  • In case of multiple alarms/alerts priorities notifications icons, vibration, LED flash and give equal time to each of them to notify the user.
  • Showing recent alarms/alerts history received from Gateway
  • (RFGateway) to notify the user in-case missed the notification.


We employ the leading technologies like-

  • WiFi
  • WiFi direct
  • Bluetooth
  • BLE
  • Zigbee
  • NFC
  • iBeacons
  • Hardware Integration

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