Cross Platform App Development

Cross Platform Application Development


Mobile Web app, or browser application, is one in which all or some parts of the software are downloaded from the Web each time it runs. It can usually be accessed from all Web-capable mobile devices. These apps can be accessed directly with the URL from mobile browser and can also be integrated to use as an App. It also refers to Cross Platform Application or Multi Platform Application, an attribute conferred to computer software or computing methods and concepts that are implemented and inter-operate on multiple computer platforms (iOs, Mac, etc). Web apps are built in standards-based technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and other modern web tech.

Cross Platform Application can be divided into two:

  • HTML5:

  • Cross Platform App Require Individual Building: These apps require individual building or compilation for each platform that it supports. Thus, it is a platform includes the computer-architecture, operating system, software-framework and programming languages. We are providing services using the below technologies to transform the web code to native code:
    • Appcelerator Titanium: Appcelerator Titanium Mobile is one of the mostly used phone web based application framework solution allow to create native applications for iOs (iPhone, iPad) and Android, Blackberry (not available in beta) using Javascript and Titanium SDK. We have successfully developed 4 Titanium Apps including Gaming Application, Utility and Business Application that you can navigate in our portfolio.
    • Adobe Air Flex & Adobe Air Flash: Adobe Air or Adobe Integrated Runtime, developed by Adobe Systems is a cross-platform run time system for building Rich Internet applications (RIA), for desktop and mobile apps (iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch), Android, BlackBerry) using Adobe Flash, Apache Flex (formerly Adobe Flex), HTML and Ajax. Due to our strong expertise in creating RIA using Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex, we stepped and executed 3 Adobe Flash / Flex Air Mobile Apps that are also available in respective App Stores. Navigate the Adobe Air Apps we have developed.

We have successfully developed and are developing Cross Platform Application including HTML5 Applications using PhoneGap, HTML Websites and other cross platform apps using Titanium, Adobe Air Flex and Adobe Air Flash that are also available in App Stores.