UI/UX and Wireframing Services



User Interface- The Blend of Art and Science


The user interface is the bridge between the user and the application, and the aperture through which the user experiences a software application. Needless to say, an appealing user interface increases the usability of the application many-folds. A refreshing and interactive UI lures the user’s interest and is the most crucial step in determining an application’s success.


Art is in understanding what draws the human mind, and science is in making it a reality.


At CDN Mobile Solutions, we hire both artists and scientists to deliver the perfect mobile applications enriched with security, reliability, and fascinating User Interfaces.


Prototype- A Necessary Preliminary


For active involvement of a team in system design, wireframes are built ahead of the development of the mobile application. A prototype is necessarily the whole mobile application sans its backbone- the backend code.


Advantages of App Prototyping are many, some of which are-

  • Better and effective client engagement in the application’s development.
  • Clearer understanding between the two parties owing to the agreement on the wireframe design.
  • Efficient ideation process with the quick realisation of ideas.
  • Prior knowledge of the look and feel of the application leads to lesser hassle later in the development process.
  • Easy polishing and tweaking of the User Experience in multiple iterations beforehand.


We like to try the waters before going in for a swim, and therefore have on board an exclusive team of UI/UX designers for designing highly responsive Mobile app UI/UX design.


We Prefer Preventions to Cures


A wireframe eases out any wrinkles in the understanding between the client and the development team and saves a lot of rework.


For that matter, we design wireframes that are-

  • Clickable- Enabling you to flow through the complete application as you would normally.
  • Responsive- Allowing you to interact with the application.
  • User-friendly- So that you seamlessly navigate through the application.


We are a wireframe designing company that lays out the plan, presents to you the skeletal structure, discusses with you the nitty-gritty of your application, and then goes on to put into it the best technologies.


Our Methodology


We tread the following path that leads to the best mobile application designs-

  • We understand your requirements by comprehensively interacting with you about the minutest details in your application.
  • We leave no room for miscommunication.
  • We design mockups, mindmaps and wireframes with responsive UI/UX designs that closely resemble the final deliverable.
  • We don’t keep you guessing the look of your application, we make you a part of the process!
  • We take your feedback on the prototypes and do multiple iterations, if need be until we reach the mark of perfection.
  • With your approval and satisfaction, we start the project development.


Our Weapons of Work


Our App UI designers juggle and balance numerous technologies to make the best experiences for your end users. We employ the following best-in-the-market UI Development Platforms-

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Sketch
  • Coreldraw


For building responsive UI/UX Designs, we rely on-

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JS
  • SASS
  • LESS framework
  • Ionic Framework


For delivering the finest prototypes, we use-

  • InVision
  • AceUI kit
  • Proto.io
  • AppCooker
  • Fluid


For interactive and clickable wireframe designs we use the following desktop and online tools-

  • Balsamiq
  • Wire-frame sketcher
  • Gliffy
  • Moqups


There’s more!


Apart from aforementioned services, we also create flow diagrams, architecture level diagrams, use cases, and class diagrams for your mobile applications. We analyse and interpret the complete functionality through mind maps built using mindmeister and Xmind tools.


Our specialised Business Analysts work exclusively on wire-frame designing and deliver the most appealing designs. Contact us to get a taste of our designing capabilities!