Smart watch app

The Smart Watch App lets you establish and maintain a link between your iPhone and the SmartWatch.


How smart watch app works?

Your SmartWatch app syncs time from your iPhone once they are paired with each other. You will always have the same time on your wrist as your iPhone.

Your Smart watch app is a perpetual calendar Analog Smart Watch that means it adjusts the calendar by itself according to leap year. When you go on travel, just tap the time sync button on the App to sync the local time of your destination from your iPhone.

You will never miss any phone call with the incoming call notifications as it generates dynamic vibrations on your wrist when there is an incoming phone call in noise environment or when you are in a meeting. Your life becomes more enjoyable - just check your iPhone only when you get Email, Facebook or Twitter notifications from your watch.


Incoming call notifications with dynamic vibrations.


Check you phone only when you get notified about


When you travel, just tap Time Sync button to sync the local time of your destination

Available on: iOS

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