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What Is Titanium? How does IT Work?

Titanium is an open-source platform for cross-platform advancement that works with the development of mobile applications for various stages for iOS, Android, and Windows from a single JavaScript codebase. It takes lesser time to market the application.

The Titanium platform allows you to develop, run, and bundle native mobile applications for iOS and Android devices utilizing our cross-platform JavaScript APIs. Mobile applications developed with the Titanium SDK are run against an independent JavaScript engine that conjures native APIs.



At CDN Mobile Solutions, we have been providing Titanium application development solutions for quite a long while. We are a group of experienced and talented Titanium application developers and designers that has been serving customers from various parts of the globe with various prerequisites.

However, the stage continues the same, the necessary changes from one customer to another. To make it simple for our customers, we have divided our services into the beneath classes in light of various requirements.

Enterprise Integration Services

our group of specialists will concentrate on the current functional engineering and design, investigate, carry out, and coordinate data, frameworks, and Titanium applications to further develop the business processes.

Titanium App testing services

Testing an application before making it live and all through its activities is truly necessary to keep the business flourishing in the competitive market.

Titanium Consulting Services

Being a Best Titanium application development company, we have assisted numerous customers with our consulting services by directing them to make a superior Titanium application and incorporate it in the correct way to make the business activities lithe.

Third-party integration

At the point when you are a business working on CRMs, apps, software, and devices from different organizations to meet your functional requirements, we can incorporate your Titanium application with all the functional applications and devices with appropriate API keys. This empowers you to maintain the business bother-free. 

Social Media Integration Services

Our group can integrate social media channels with your application with the API keys and the header codes for simple sharing of content. This helps you in contacting more individuals through online media.

Native Titanium App Development

We are the most trusted outsourcing partner in building native Titanium applications that meet each one of the convoluted needs provided by you.


Plug-In Titanium Into Your Business With CDN Mobile Solutions

At CDN Mobile Solutions, we view the process flow exceptionally in a serious way as it concludes the productivity of the workforce and the time required to circle back. CDN delivers elite execution cross-platform smartphone applications at a significantly low cost. Since we began filling in as a Titanium application development service provider, we have been concentrating on our work process. With plenty of reviews and analysis, we created an exceptionally effective process flow that empowers us to deliver quality services at the briefest time required to circle back. Benefits of building Titanium app are listed below

  • Faster Development
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • High Code Reusability
  • Integrating third-party APIs
  • Consistent communication
  • Client engagement
  • Reduced Development time & cost
  • Minimal development time
  • Easy app interaction with web service
  • Feedback incorporation

Personalize your digital world with Experience

With a rising inclination towards time-saving and convenient solutions, you cannot avoid mobile applications for long. So, Are you ready to foster your custom application?

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