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What Is Xamarin? How does It work?

Xamarin is an open-source platform. It helps developers in communicating share code with all the respective platforms. Xamarin works in a perfectly managed environment that gives memory allocation and also garbage/trash collection.

Xamarin allows app developers to share a normal of 90% of their applications across all the platforms. This pattern permits developers to compose the entirety of their business rationale in a single language, however, accomplish native execution, look, and feel on all the platforms.


Our Xamarin App Development Services

At CDN Mobile Solutions, we have been providing xamarin application development solutions for quite a long while. We are a group of experienced and talented Titanium application developers and designers that has been serving customers from various parts of the globe with various prerequisites.

However, the stage continues the same, the necessary changes from one customer to another. To make it simple for our customers, we have divided our services into the beneath classes in light of various requirements.

Xamarin Application Consulting

CDN provides Xamarin app consultation to support you in building a perfect cross-platform Xamarin app.

Migration services

We provide migration services to convert your current app into the Xamarin platform. It increases efficiency, performance, and above all security.

Custom app development

We provide tailor-made Xamarin app solutions according to your requirements to achieve your predefined business goal.

Xamarin for Android and iOS

To provide a native app like the experience we provide Xamarin app solutions for both iOS & Android platforms.

Testing services

CDN offers testing services for Xamarin apps in which we monitor, test, and release for different platforms.


We provide post-launching maintenance and support services to keep your app updated and bug-free always.

Hire Xamarin Developer

You can hire our Xamarin developers as per your requirement like on an hourly basis, monthly basis, yearly basis.


Plug Xamarin Into Your Business With CDN Mobile Solutions

Xamarin is that vigorous technological innovation by utilizing the power of which we at CDN Mobile Solutions develop exclusive native and cross-platform xamarin applications. Xamarin allows engineers to utilize a single language, data structure on various platforms and use them with a shared C# codebase. As a top-rated Xamarin Mobile Application Development Company, we foster cross-platform smartphone applications for all platforms. CDN Mobile Solutions is an award-winning Xamarin App Development agency that provides following features:

  • Cross-platform applications
  • Binding for all underlying SDK’s
  • BCL (base class library)
  • IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  • Workflow integration
  • Video streaming
  • UI/UX development
  • Xamarin for iOS
  • Xamarin for android
  • Xamarin for windows

Personalize your digital world with Experience

With a rising inclination towards time-saving and convenient solutions, you cannot avoid mobile applications for long. So, Are you ready to foster your custom application?

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