Mobile App Development with Appcelerator Titanium

The soaring trend of mobile phones (smartphones) has created the requirement for fostering a strong enterprise mobile application across various platforms. However, Developing mobile applications can be tedious, exorbitant, and confusing, particularly for individuals new to the technical process of mobile app development. Titanium removes these problematic elements from the process, allowing clients to make native applications from a single JavaScript codebase.

You must be pondering now what this tech stack is all about. To get all your answers you must read our full blog to understand everything about Appcelerator Titanium.

What Is Titanium?

Titanium is an open-source, mobile application development framework for cross-platform. Authorized under Apache, this system is coded involving an interface that provides an environment for designers, henceforth, the broad scope of mobile applications is accessible for the development process. In light of JavaScript, it likewise involves HTML5, CSS3, and JQuery.

Is Appcelerator Titanium A Hybrid App Development Framework?

Yes, Titanium is an open-source hybrid app development framework that works with the development of mobile applications for different systems for example iOS, Android, and Windows from a unique single JavaScript codebase. It lessens the time to launch your application.

The Titanium app development platform allows you to create, run, and bunch of native applications for iOS and Android gadgets using cross-platform JavaScript APIs.

What Are The Key Features Of Appcelerator Titanium App Development?

  1. Create applications in JavaScript and run them on any operating system for more noteworthy code reuse
  2. Hyperloop permits engineers to run Java, Objective-C o Swift close by code made with Titanium
  3. Direct access to iOS and Android APIs(application program interface)
  4. 4. Visual designer
  5. 5. Consistent reconciliation with ceaseless delivery tools
  6. 6. Quick help for new OS releases

Is Titanium Appcelerator A Perfect Choice For Enterprise Application?

Indeed why not, Titanium Appcelerator is doubtlessly an ideal decision for enterprises application development. Here are a few reasons which we have listed out for you

1. Cross-platform

In this generation the “write once, use once” quote doesn’t work! With Android, iOS, Windows Phone OS, and Blackberry thus numerous OSes to code for – the requirement for advancement regardless of remembering no less than two platforms is essential.

2. JavaScript

Since Titanium is inseparable from code convenience and prototyping, it utilizes a ton of JavaScript that is a prototype-based scripting language that is profoundly adaptable in development and ease of use.

3. Quick Prototyping

Titanium can help “speed up” the whole enterprise application development process since it permits you to make your solutions in an entirely adaptable manner – with a couple of lines of code in only a couple of hours! Regularly, it requires days to make code and assess the code.

4. Web-oriented

Since Titanium’s solutions are developed inside a web administration, the web technologies assist you with making the web services as a web-based and optimized solution that is quick, versatile, and adjusts itself as indicated by accessible data transmission.

5. Rapidly Growing community

Appcelerator’s community group is developing quickly and how! It presently has an exceptionally different community group of over 200,000 designers around the planet who have utilized the Titanium cross-platform development tool to develop more than 35,000 applications with different functionalities.

Benefits of building Titanium App for your business

  • 1. Faster development
  • 2. Rapid prototyping
  • 3. Feedback integration
  • 4. Easy app integration
  • 5. Minimal development time
  • 6. Consistent communication
  • 7. User engagement
  • 8. Integrating third part API’s
  • 9. High code reusability

Why you should outsource CDN Mobile Solutions for Titanium App development?

At CDN Mobile Solutions, a reputed Titanium app development company. We have been offering Titanium application development solutions for quite a long period of time. We are equipped with a group of experienced and capable Titanium application developers and engineers that has been serving clients from different parts of the globe with different requirements. In any case, the stage proceeds with something very similar, the important changes starting with one client and then onto the next.

To simplify it for our clients, we have divided our titanium development services into the underneath classes considering different business necessities.

Our exclusive Titanium development services includes

  • 1. Titanium consulting services
  • 2. Enterprise integration services
  • 3. Titanium app testing services
  • 4. Third-party integration
  • 5. Native titanium app development
  • 6. Social media integration services

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